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This company had me believe that i was getting tech support from Norton. They took over my computer, fixed what i complained was wrong, added Norton back onto my computer and said it would be good for two years for price of $259. Four months later Norton screen pops up and says that i am no longer protected. So i call them, they can find no record of business with them. So i get my receipt, and call the number, they put Norton back on & i tell... Read more

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Risezone predatory and false virus software support
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An elderly family member was conned into purchasing a 5 year technical support subscription for Symantec products for the price of $299.99, and 4 months later, an additional charge of $249.99 for "lifetime security" (whatever that might mean). This was a classic case of responding to an internet browsing session when an alert to possible viruses popped up on the screen. This company appears to be staffed by individuals who prey on the... Read more

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  • May 06
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Horrible! My computer had another virus within weeks!

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Risezone and company have created a website called "Apple Support" that led me to believe I was talking to Apple: it took a while (and before they succeeded in selling me for $295 what is available for free.) Instead of looking at my computer--when I gave them access as one does with Apple--they took it over. I was suspicious because the guy was pretty *** and when he said he would put their warranty in writing--it was close to illiterate.... Read more

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I was looking for apple help but somehow connected to these scammer. They describe me about hacker and other stuff but I don't believe apple device are so unsafe. I denied to pay to sam but start getting calls from 888-632-7099, 888-512-9136, 888-510-2385, 888-443-2175. They pushed me to pay. Thank God my son saved me. But be aware of these scammer. After 3 and 4 days back, I usually getting calls from all universe. The reason, I believe, they... Read more

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I picked up some form of adware that directs me to these guys (and a few others unfortunately) under the guise of being #SafariSupport. I really only responded to their chat popup so I could vent my frustration towards their unethical business practices but decided to let them schedule a call with me so I could see just exactly what they hoped to get from me. Money was the obvious answer but when they told me they'd need access to my computer... Read more

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I had a clean install on my computer. Wanted to put Norton back. Went on the internet to login. Somehow got connected with Risezone who misrepresented themselves as an authorized Microsoft and Norton Technicians. After allowing him to access my computer, he told me my network was compromised and that the issue needed to be corrected to avoid thieves to steal my personal information. He was going to charge $148 dollars to do this. I told... Read more

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Somehow I started receiving these annoying popups on my laptop despite having McAfee Total Protection. The main popups kept saying "If you are a Frontier Communications Customer call this 800 number now." I did not call the number but instead I called my local Frontier Communication Office. They said that they are not putting out any messages like this. I then called a number from thinking I was talking to McAfee. Guess... Read more

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my Norton 360 program was suddenly deactivated. Went online to get tech support from Norton about that, and this unknown came on my screen posing as tech support. They wanted my name and phone number to look up my account. Immediately they called and asked to remotely take over my computer to fix the problem. I asked if they were from Norton and they could not tell me that. Just that they were a tech support company out of West Virginia. I got... Read more

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bought technical support plan in jan 2014 for 229.99 had problems with computer in july and they told me my plan was only good for 6 months bought another plan in october for 149.99 could have bought another computer for that much technichian took 11 hours one day and could not fix problem, then7 hours the next day to fix probem ended up all he did was a recovery manager which i could have done myself. total ripoff. tried to charge me 399.99... Read more

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